This service provides you with an in depth, personalised, guide for your garden and plants, keeping everything looking it’s best all year round! Ideal for hobby gardeners, those wanting to take control of their own garden and newly designed planting plans.

The year of 2020 has been a memorable one, it has meant that many business have had to adjust to new ways of working and for many garden designers providing remote designs has been the way to do this, Annie’s Garden is no exception!

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This personalised guide includes:

  • An A3, hand drawn, detailed plan of the garden (not to scale) with all existing plants clearly labelled to help you identify them in the garden.
  • A precise feeding programme to give your plants the nutrients they need, with how and when they require it. This can be with either chemical or green (eco) fertilisers, depending on preference.
  • A yearly pruning schedule specific to each plant, shrub or tree to keep them in shape and promote new growth. This includes specialized pruning for fruit trees and roses.
  • A guide of when and how to re-pot garden planters and replenish fertiliser.
  • A guide to pests and diseases that can affect your plants and how to treat them or preventative methods to control them.

Annie began her career as a gardener providing maintenance and care in gardens around Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. She continues to garden part-time for select clients and offers planting services, all of which has helped her develop her understanding of plants and how to care for them.

Plant and Garden Guide fees start from £250.00+

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