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An Introduction

Hi and welcome to my first ever blog post!

I’m Annie and if you have read my ‘about me’ page, you will know I have been interested all things natural for as long as I can remember! I work mostly now as a self-employed garden designer and have a background in gardening and illustration.

Within this blog I am hoping to share some of my thoughts and advice on all things horticulture and design. My aim is to keep my posts more varied, discussing many different subjects to cater to a larger audience and hopefully, keep it interesting!

Some of the topics I’ll write about in the blog include; looking back on some of the best gardens I’ve visited in the UK, gardening tips for each month, top plants for different seasons, how to make the most out of your garden, introducing wildlife and many more! If there is anything you would like me to discuss, let me know, I’m always appreciative of feedback!

Most of all, this blog serves as a way to voice my thoughts and most importantly to connect with others and have fun!

Stay tuned!


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